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Choosing A Quality Online Florist

 The first thing to look at when choosing an online florist in Canada is whether or not the company is a real florist. There are actually many companies that claim to be but are not. Instead, these companies are resellers or affiliates. This means they just take your flower arrangement order and send it to a florist. As a result, your flower arrangement might not be the best quality. You will also probably spend more to send flower arrangements this way. This is because you are paying the commission for the reseller.

Choose Local Florist

An Canadian online florist can have a flower shop anywhere in the world. For flower arrangements to stay fresh, they cannot travel great distances. Therefore, choose an online florist with a shop in the area where you plan to send flower arrangements. That way, your flower arrangement will be fresh when it gets to the person you are sending it to.

It is actually easier to choose a neighborhood florist than you might think. First, go to a search engine, such as Google. Then, type in “Ontario florist" and the name of the city where you wish to send flower arrangements. This will bring up many different florists for the area. Some will then allow you to complete your order online.

If you still aren"t sure about the florist, call. Ask the worker if they are a local business. Then, ask for directions to the shop. If the person is unable to give you directions, it"s a sure sign it isn"t really a local flower shop. You might also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the florist has a solid reputation.

When choosing a Canadian florist, you also want to work only with one that is honest with its customers. For example, a florist who claims to offer free flower delivery or to be tax-free is not being honest. The flower delivery driver has to be paid somehow. At the same time, taxes have to be paid. You will pay for the flower delivery and taxes one way or another. Either the flowers will be more expensive or, worse yet, you might get a low quality flower arrangement. A good Kitchener Florist will have all of this information on the website. You should be able to easily find out how much delivery costs and how much tax you will pay.